Grow wisdom, creating a professional, awaken with Dhamma

Today the world goes far flourished with material, values, modernity but lower in morality. It may be because of humanity in the high technology era that lives under the path of urgency and superficiality, looking at Dharma as far away, boring or is an imperative. The whole world of education today also focuses on the subject of teaching and learning in the profession mainly but lacking in discipline and Dhamma which stays close in people’s life and can be adapted to working life. People may study until they can be called intelligent but, if lacking morality or Dhamma, the mind of living cannot be a “whole person”.

Ajahn Buddhadasa once said, “People study with books and professions but do not study enough Dhamma they will have knowledge and a profession but without Dhamma They cannot be a complete person. This kind of education is called a dog without a tail. The education system in Thailand is not yet complete due to a lack of Dhamma education. To fulfill this, we will need to add Dhamma education and continuing practice to our education system, hence the Thai education system needs reform.

Therefore, PDRC initiated Bhavana Bodhigun Vocational College to be a model of educational reform using Dhamma together with education, first in Thailand on Koh Samui, Surat Thani province. Open for those who have passed selection to receive a full scholarship, accommodation, food and complete care will be provide in order to create individuals who are not only knowledgeable but also responsible and have morals in life as well.